ADIDAS - Clean Classics
German sportswear retailer, Adidas, has launched a new vegan and 100 percent sustainable pair of sneakers, the Clean Classics. The Clean Classics collection includes the Superstar, Stan Smith, Continental 80 and Supercourt styles, all of which are remade for 2020 with Adidas’ new pledge of commitment to ending plastic waste. ANNEX88 reached out to Ataboy Studios for visualizing this message and educating the viewers about the Clean Classics sneakers. We’ll follow the creation Clean Classics shoe from conception to completion via a sketchbook visual. Symbolizing an ongoing work in progress, we’ll build the shoe from scratch, with each page bringing in new elements.


Ataboy Studios
CG Lead



Creative Director: Vikkal Parikh
Senior Producer: Anabella Zubillaga
CG Lead / Technical Director: Ridvan Maloku
Design: Ari Winkle
Storyboards: Mayukh Goswami
Illustration & Cel Animation: Mayukh Goswami
3D Modeling: Seong Hoon Park
3D Animation: Ridvan Maloku, Adam Van Dine, Kirt Critoph, Jay Kim
3D Lighting & Texturing: Ridvan Maloku, Adam VanDine, Kirt Critoph
Compositing: Ridvan Maloku, Adam VanDine

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