FACEBOOK - Holiday Package
In 2020, we were commissioned to create a full-year global campaign for Facebook. They wanted to create a campaign that highlights the value of their data-driven insights. Targeting small businesses and their seasonal shopping potential on the platform, the campaign was to reach audiences on Facebook and out in the world. Briefed during the global pandemic, our options became more limited. We worked thoughtfully, and carefully to pinpoint the safest production solution, without limiting our creative vision. With 35 global markets in mind, we created a high-quality CGI design system that allowed for consistent creative, and customizable messaging


Ataboy Studios
CG Lead / Design Director


Creative Director: Vikkal Parikh
Senior Producer: Anabella Zubillaga
CG Lead / Design Director: Ridvan Maloku
Lead Modeler: Seong Hoon Park
3D: Ridvan Maloku, Dennis Sharabarin, Adam VanDine
Compositing: Adam VanDine

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