I had the privilege of contributing to a series of Vitamin Water commercials, featuring a mix of 3D and 2D animation. Among the videos created, I had the opportunity to single-handedly create two of them -
"Forever You" and "With Love."

I utilized industry-standard tools such as Cinema 4D and After Effects to produce animations that are engaging, high-energy and visually captivating. These commercials were created with the intent of capturing the audience's attention, and conveying a sense of excitement and motion.


Ataboy Studios
Design and Animation


Creative Director: Vikkal Parikh
Producer: Meg Murthy  
Design:  Ridvan Maloku, Adam Van Dine
3D Modeling: Seong Hoon Park
3D Animation: Ridvan Maloku, Adam Van Dine 
3D Lighting & Texturing: Ridvan Maloku, Adam VanDine 
Compositing: Ridvan Maloku, Adam VanDine

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